Writing : Panel Discussion

10am  30th June

Facilitated by Mark Leahy with a selection of writers and artists: Emma Bolland, Josie Cockram, Sara Bowler and J. R. Carpenter 

Thinking of writing as a supplement, as happening in parallel, as offering an expansion, as acting to complement art practices or the making of art.
The panellists bring four distinct but related perspectives on intersection of art practices with writing. Writing and words as moving among and between practices, and writing as a practice of putting into motion, of shifting and shuffling and displacing. Emma Bolland considers expanded senses of translation, where writing as an act or event can offer opportunities for the unread or overlooked to meet a viewer or reader. Translation opens up to others, as collaborators, and opens across modes of listening, hearing, reading and making. Josie Cockram takes titles as a starting point, themselves a translation or interface between modes of representation. She considers fiction and other written narrative forms as sources for artists, and as a parallel world that can sometimes feel remote, and sometimes may be stepped into. Sara Bowler looks at the complex relationship between artists and documents, whether written archival materials or specific local particular stories of places or people. Her examination of the tensions between use of data, facts or sources and their translation in the art-making process teases at conflicting ethical demands. J. R. Carpenter questions the status of image and imaging at an intersection of the digital and the physical. Looking at a specific body of graphic work her lingual play with these documents draws out narratives of mapping, reading, and pleasure. Together these artists will offer brief provocations to prompt discussion of how writing implements, supplements and  complements art practices.

Facilitated by House of Prints & UNIT3

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