Teän Roberts
Scilly, Cornwall

Teän Roberts makes large-scale photographs of other planets populated by unearthly women, that hint at alternate modes of existing. These women climb over crystalline outcrops or lurk between granite boulders, their skin shining in the luminous twilight. They clamber through a rosy colour pallet scattered with cool metallics, their flesh scraping over rough rock edges. Their bodies glow, transforming as the sky bleeds - pink through blue - into shadow. She photographs the way that ribs, fingers, toes, bums and elbows correlate with fissures and hollows in the land until she finds a resonating composition, and the body marries the earth. Through these photographs she creates a portal to a world she is trying to reach. The alien women in her images exist outside constrictive earthling conditioning. The worlds she creates sprout possibilities for transforming our reality.

Holly Willats wrote about Teän Roberts in an Essay titledBlue Moons

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