Lunchtime Speedshow

12noon   7th July

Vanessa Murrell of  DATEAGLE ART hosts four short presentation from Synesthesia I & II writers and artists Kate Walters, Delpha Hudson, Moriah Ogunbiyi, Naomi Frears.

Each will present for 6 minutes followed by an audence Q and A.
Kate Walters

Kate Walters is an artist who has been making drawings, paintings, and passages of text about love, being in love, and desire for the past two years. She has undergone psychoanalysis and reflected on myths such as Inanna, Dumuzi, Eros, Psyche, etc. This session will cover three recent texts about these three paintings, which have been exciting, reassuring, and fruitful.

Brooke Wilson

Brooke Wilson is a writer and curator interested in the materiality of language and how it can be explored creatively to make it more accessible. Working closely with artists has strengthened her desire to explore the dialogue between art and words, and the role language plays in how we perceive art.

Moriah Ogunbiyib

Moriah Ogunbiyi is a writer and analogue photographer with a background in post-colonial History. He will explore how writing can allow authors to express their unique lived experiences using a key text from his MA dissertation as a brief case-study.

Naomi Frears

Naomi Frears is an artist whose practice includes work with film and video, printmaking, painting, and collaborative curatorial projects. She will talk about collaborating with art writers, nonfiction writers, a journalist, and two poets - experiences that have been both enjoyable and challenging - and always less gruelling than trying to write her own words, something that is slowly creeping into her work.