Sara Bowler
Synesthesia II
Symposium Panelist
Sara Bowler is an artist, writer and co-instigator of artist-led initiatives. Working with people, archives, her/histories, anecdote, folk tales and empirical experience, she explores the presence of place. Currently working with field recording, found sound, manipulation and composition, she is exploring ways to create atmospheres redolent of selected locations underpinned by archaeological, historical and archival research. Projects include Happidrome I-IV, Goonhilly Village     Green and Agile Structures.

Information, data, facts; historical archives, scientific manuals, personal accounts; we tend to accept this material, especially when in written form, as somehow being ‘the truth’ yet we know that it is subjective, from the act of choosing what will be recorded or kept, to the selection of what is ultimately presented and in what context. When an artist elects to use such sources, how ‘truthful’ do they need to be? Does the artist have a responsibility to those sharing information to accurately reflect what they have received? Or can they do what they wish with it? In which case, how does this affect their relationship with these suppliers? And will they, the artist, be trusted in the future?