Publishing : Panel Discussion

10am  7th July

Facilitated by Hugh Frost with panelists Laura Haynes, Abigail Reynolds, Leomi Sadler and London Centre for Book Arts / A6 BOOKS

Making artwork public in a gallery show, online, in a studio visit, has parallels with the event of bringing publications to a readership. How can they learn from each other, and how can artists consider innovative and flexible publishing platforms and models for communicating about their work?
This panel discussion combines perspectives on art and publishing from artists, designers, publishers, producers, editors and writers to sample contemporary approaches to distributing projects, exhibitions, artworks and commentary both within and beyond the gallery and studio. Providing a space for the speakers to raise and discuss pressing questions in the field, this session will touch on the relationship between text and image in a distributed context, new possibilities offered by hybrid approaches to traditional and digital publishing, the unfiltered representation that publishing can offer, the possibilities of extending artworks across time and space through dissemination or archiving, providing a platform for new and commercially risky projects and the intimacy and relative accessibility of the book form.

Facilitated by House of Prints & UNIT3

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With a strong remit of supporting contemporary artists, House of Prints will lead on the writing and publishing symposium event happening alongside SYNESTHESIA II.

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