London Centre for Book Arts
Synesthesia II
Symposium Panelist
London Centre for Book Arts is an artist-run, open-access studio for all things books.

A community of artists, designers, and makers sharing resources, ideas, and skills. The studio comprises of a working printshop and bindery with an extensive collection of specialist equipment, along with a unique research library and bookshop. Based in what was once the heart of east London’s print industry, LCBA was established in 2012, becoming the first and only centre of its kind in the UK. Although it has grown significantly since then,  it remains a small, independent organisation, and most of the day-to-day is still managed by Simon Goode and Ira Yonemura.

A6 BOOKS started in 2017 with the aim of promoting and distributing books, zines and publications by emerging artists – to create a distribution point for independent and often self-published works that would otherwise have a hard time getting into circulation. They also occasional publish books under A6 BOOKS/Temporal Drag. A6 BOOKS is volunteer-run by Simon Goode, Ira Yonemura, Esther McManus, and Samantha Whetton.